Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A clever way to deal with debt collectors

One clever way to deal with debt collection agencies is to do this: pit one against another.

Let me explain.  Let's say you have two credit cards that are in collections, and let's say each are around $1,000 each.  You don't have $1,000 or else you'd be done with them.  You can settle, but let's say they won't budge.  A technique I've used (and worked) is to pit one against another.  Let's say you have $300 to settle.  Offer to each of them this $300 and the first one to respond will get it.  The other one will have to wait.

The first piece of advice is to make sure you have $300, if that's what you're going to settle on.  If you don't, this deal isn't going to work.

You can also tell one that the other collector took it for $250, so if you want to match you can be done with this debt.

I am not giving advice to avoid paying your bills.  If you have $1,000 to pay off a debt, do it.  But if you do not and wish to settle, you could try this.

**Please keep in mind, the advice given above is only my opinion, and your situation may be different so it would be advisable to seek legal counsel**

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