Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Always review your bank statement

This may seem like simple advice--always reviewing your bank statement--but we had an incident that recently bit my wife and I in the butt because we got out of the habit of doing this.  It's our own fault for letting it happen for more than a month, but no more.

This all stemmed from a company called AuraVie.

I'm not going to talk about the quality of their products and whether or not they do what they say.  What I'm going to briefly touch on is their business practices.

My wife, back in May, ordered some supposedly free samples.  Free for the products, but you had to pay shipping and handling.  In order to accomplish this, you needed to enter your credit or debit number--in our case it was debit as we do not have any credit cards and never will have them again.  Ever!  Well, lo and behold, they took it upon themselves to charge us $97.88 a month for a box of their skincare products.

We received them in the month of June--supposedly, I'm going to say, as we do not recall ever recieving them.

We also recieved them in July, just a few weeks ago.  This one we did get and I've since sent it back RETURN TO SENDER.  I have a video I'll be posting in a few days.  I'm waiting to see if they'll respond back to either the RETURN TO SENDER package and/or the contact e-mail I sent them.

Bottom line: always, and I mean always, review your bank statement.

As far as my quest with AuraVie . . . stay tuned.

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