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In the hit movie Father of the Bride, Steve Martin plays a father named George Banks who goes through the painful process of planning—and paying quite dearly for—his daughter’s wedding.  It’s an event filled with so much extravagance that you start to wonder when he’ll finally say, “No more!”  Although it’s both funny and heartfelt, there seems to be an underlying truth: weddings can be expensive.  Many sources cite the average wedding today costs between $20,000 and $30,000.

Traditionally, the bride’s parents are the ones enlisted to pay for their daughter’s wedding, but what if they’re unable to do so?  Or they may be able to, but not to the tune of what the average wedding costs.  It could be that you want to fund your own wedding, yet lack the money at the present time.  Statistics show that one of the leading causes of divorce are money problems, and mishandling money before you even walk down the aisle is a poor way to start your life together.

 This is where this book comes in handy.  There are aspects of a wedding that one assumes they cannot do without.  Perish the thought.  For example, photography can be costly, and having a friend or relative who does photography as a hobby may be the perfect way to get your wedding photos for a fraction of the cost.

Back in 1997, my wife and I got married—and are still married to this day, I am happy to say, with three kids to boot—and there were many things we did frugally that were nontraditional yet memorable.  Much of those ideas are listed throughout this book.

Don’t worry about what others will think of you, that they think you’re just being cheap.  If they truly loved you, they’ll care about you, regardless of whether you get married at an exotic tropical resort or at the local Taco Bell restaurant.  They’ll be thrilled to celebrate your blessed day.

Years ago, I spoke with a lady who had what she called a “fairy-tale” wedding: the reception was at a fancy hotel, there was a sleek, black limousine for the wedding party, and the ceremony itself was held at a grand Catholic cathedral.  It was very expensive—more so than the average—and they had to take out a loan to pay for it.  She then attended a friend’s wedding, where the ceremony was held at a small country church and the reception was at the parents’ home.  The atmosphere was intimate, allowing for a more enjoyable and memorable social event when compared with her own.  “If I would’ve known this is what my wedding could’ve been like,” she said, “I would’ve rather had this.

Now, let’s explore 99 ways to have your wedding on a shoestring.

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