Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sheknows.com article on planning a beautiful wedding on a shoestring budget

Last year, sheknows.com wrote an article titled "Planning a beautiful wedding on a shoestring budget"

The article lists 5 major areas where you can save, from the guest list on down to the dress and reception.  What's interesting, in my shoestring wedding ebook I touch on having an MP3 player as your DJ.  In this article, they cite also that this method is growing increasingly popular.

The one point where we debate on, and differ, is the use of photographers.  The article says you should never skimp on this.  I say otherwise.  The photographers for our wedding, taken by my uncle who dabbles in it as a hobby, looked just as good as others taken by those who do it for a living.  Keep in mind, our wedding was 15 years ago and the wedding photography business has grown and evolved since.  The bottom line for me is to shop around and find the best deal.  If a $10,000 photographer is not in your budget, it's foolish to go into debt to make sure you have one for a one-day shindig.

Be sure to check out sheknows.com's wedding channel for more insightful articles on planning your big day.

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