Thursday, June 28, 2012

How to fund your wedding

The best approaches for paying for your wedding is to have a wedding fund.

Once you've decided on how much your wedding budget is, the next step is to plan on how to save for it.  Obviously, the longer you have to save, the better.  Make a list of potential wedding expenses, such as:

Bridal gown
Groom's tuxedo
Reception Music
Reception Venue
Beauty Services

Now, let's say you've totaled up your budget and come to a total of $12,000.  Right now you have $2,000 in a savings account.  If your wedding is 18 months away, you'll need to save $555 a month in order to come up to your $12,000 total.

What if your budget is $12,000 and you can only save $350 a month (and you have only $1,000 saved so far)?  That comes up to $7,300 during the same 18-month period.  Think about what areas to cut, in order to lower the budget on your wedding.  It may not be easy.  Then again, with limited resources and sheer determination, you can find some creative ways in order to lower the cost on various wedding services.

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