Friday, May 4, 2012

How to gain knowledge without having to go to a classroom

While I was growing up, if you wanted to take on a field of study, for the most part you had to go to school.

At least, that's what I thought.  How wrong I was!

Earl Nightingale once said that if you spend fifteen minutes a day reading up on your current field of study, in just a few years you will become an expert.  This type of learning requires a commitment to learn something every single day, for . . . fifteen minutes.

What are you interested in learning about?

The field of knowledge is practically endless, and you shouldn't have any excuse for not doing so.  When I was growing up, I went to the local library at least once a week.  And today, with the advent of the internet, anything can be researched.

Listen to your favorite podcast every single day.

Read a few blog posts--ones that stimulate your mind, not fill your head full of garbage and mindless banter.

Take the time to do it.

 You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

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