Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Example of a budget

This is an example of a quick monthly budget. Yours may vary, depending on your income and debt load.

Let's assume an income of $3,000.

Income (after taxes)  $3,000
Mortgage                    -$800
Car Payment               -$500
Utilities                       -$250
Home/Car Insurance   -$200
TOTAL                     $1,250

Credit cards (4)           -$200
Student Loans             -$300
Food (family of 4)      -$500

TOTAL                        $250

Given this, you have $250 left, but there is at least one more category that I always put it, and that's the miscellaneous category.  The $250 could go here.

Is your budget as nice and neat as this one?  Probably not, but it should get you started.  Add and subtract categories as you see fit.  Add a Giving category, as you see fit.  If you want to car and/or house maintanence fund, be sure to add it.

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