Monday, March 19, 2012

DIY not always the best for oil changes

I've found that bringing my vehicles to an auto shop actually saves me on my oil changes.

In the town I live in, I take it to a small auto shop.  It's not a franchise, with a lot of overhead, so not only are the owner's costs low, she passes the savings on to her customers.

Not only is the oil changed, the tires and all of the other fluid levels are checked and filled.

And all for less than $30.

When I go to Target or Wal-mart or K-mart and look at the cost of oil and an oil filter, the cost is fairly close to $30.

For me, DIY on oil changes are not the best.

Besides, the auto shop can then dispose of the oil themselves instead of me driving elsewhere to dispose of it.  Less hassle that way.

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