Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Place to stay in Rochester, MN: 5th Avenue Inn and Suites

For those living on a budget and you need an inexpensive place to stay while in Rochester, Minnesota, you may want to give the 5th Avenue Inn and Suites a call.

Located less than 2 blocks from the Mayo Clinic, it's an easy place to walk to.  Underneath Mayo are a number of nearby hotels with connecting tunnels.  Even though the 5th Avenue Inn and Suites isn't connected tunnel-wise, tunnel entrances are not far away.

5th Avenue Inn and Suites offer three full floors of rooms, all overlooking an inner balcony and an open floor on the second floor.  Here, there are tables and comfortable recliners--yours truly had to test a number of these out on his last visit--and a bookshelf with books, magazines, puzzles, and games.

There is a small pool on the first floor, which was roughly five feet deep at the deepest and three at the shallowest, was perfect for my three children.  The continental breakfast didn't offer many choices, however, when compared with a few of the other places I've visited while in Rochester, MN.  But, if your breakfast choice of pastries, donuts, toast, and cereal is all you need, then there won't be any complaints.

For my family of five, the rooms offered enough space for us to roam around.  Overall, it's a pleasant place to stay and the close proximity to the Mayo Clinic give it an added plus.

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