Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Want a cheaper groom's ring? Ask. Then prepare to walk away.

Almost fifteen years ago, my wife and I were searching around for a wedding band for myself--we already picked up her wedding ring, so we just needed to pick up mine.

We frequented a store in the mall.  Our budget was very tight, and to say we were stone broke was probably an understatement.  Determined to find the cheapest one we could find, the jewelry clerk showed us dozens and dozens of them, all ranging in price from $200-300.

Way out of our price range.

We asked if we could see ones that were cheaper.

Then, I clearly remember looking over at my soon-to-be wife and saying, "Well, let's go to another store.  We have to find something cheaper."

By a sudden stroke of luck, the clerk pulled out a tray of rings from a cabinet underneath the display case.  I pointed at one of the simple bands and asked how much."

"Twenty-five dollars."


It pays to ask.

It also pays to walk away.

The following advise (and much, much more) can be found in my new ebook.

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