Friday, April 20, 2012

These magazines didn't sell for me on eBay

While growing up, I had acquired quite a collection of National Geographic magazines.  I even had the leather slipcases for them, and had a separate one for the maps.

Did they sell?

I only sold one set, and I had to cut the price down so much it wasn't even worth it.

Sure, if I had National Geographic magazines from 50 or so years ago, those were selling on eBay but I didn't have any that far back.

The same goes with my collection of Outdoor Life magazines.  Unless they were decades and decades old, nobody wanted them.  Those, I ended up throwing out and weren't worth the hassle of relisting and relisting on eBay.

Research what you have to sell.  You'd be surprised with what sell and what doesn't.

Keep in mind, what sells or doesn't sell today may change in a year or so.  Be patient.

And if you find a niche, like I did with my heavy metal T-shirts and magazines, focus your energies on that and keep duplicating your efforts.

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